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That special TV ad…

Looking for that special advert you saw many years ago or just yesterday on TV or in the cinema? You still remember the music, the brand or whatever? Perhaps that advert is here.


Advertising agencies create these TV ads. Creative designers mix ingredients into 30 seconds ads. Ingredients like; famous people (or just people), animals, speech, artistic sceneries, technical environments, choreographic movements, cinema and of course music.
For every ad that contains music (and that music is available in the iTunes Store) we generate a link to iTunes. So you can listen to the music used in the ad and download if you want.


Still remember those old ads? We are trying to collect the most popular ads from the Good Ol’ Days also.


October 2007 [Dutch only] Totnadereclame.nl – Version 1.0
March 2011 [Dutch only] Total rebuild – Version 2.0
May 2013 [English only] Going international – Version 2.5

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Every TV ad can be rated, 1 to 5 stars. An overview of the ratings can be viewed here.

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Ideas and moreIdeas and more

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We are an affiliate of Google Adsense, TradeDoubler and Rakuten LinkShare. The banners will be generated by the software of these companies.
Also your own commercial banners can be part of our website.
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